Business Conduct Guidelines

These Business Conduct Guidelines (“BCGs”) expresses Softline’s values and reflects our continued commitment to business ethics and compliance with laws. All employees, directors, and top managers of Softline and its subsidiaries, as well as partners acting on its behalf, follow these BCGs.

The BCGs are intended to assist in making the decisions based on the principles outlined herein. The BCGs do not cover all the problems or situations you may encounter as a Softline’s employee. Although the BCGs are of the top priority, they may be supplemented with other detailed Softline’s policies and documents. The BCGs allow Softline to meet high global standards of ethics, conduct its business honestly and operate in strict compliance with laws.

Any policy included in the Business Conduct Guidelines demonstrates Softline’s vision of a particular matter of importance. Any policy may be applied as a standalone document.

Every Softliner is obliged to:

  • Acknowledge and apply the principles set forth in these BCGs.
  • Comply with Softline’s policies and regulations developed within the frames of, and with the laws related to, these BCGs.
  • Act upon the principles set forth in these BCGs when solving tasks not regulated by Softline’s documents or laws. If you are not sure of how to act in a situation, please ask your top manager.
  • Report any possible violations of the BCGs, policies, laws and regulations.

List of Policies 

These BCGs includes: