Dataformas Ensures High Availability and Employees Mobility

Success Stories

Dataformas Ensures High Availability and Employees Mobility

Client: Dataformas

Industry: IT

Solution: IT infrastructure migration to the cloud

Result: Business continuity, employees mobility

Technology: Microsoft Azure

Business Situation

Dataformas is the leading reseller of technology products, computer and office supplies, with operations in many regions of Costa Rica and in other Central American countries including El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Precisely, this expansion across all the region forced Dataformas to bring their technology infrastructure to each of these countries. The challenge of choosing between VPN-connections to Costa Rica and cloud infrastructure ended up with a decision to migrate to cloud based Infrastructure-as-a-Service.


The IT department of Dataformas in search of access, stability, security and scalability appealed to Softline to find the best solution, and the final choice was Microsoft Azure. Active Directory Domain Services servers were migrated to Azure, and cloud SQL was configured as a database engine for SAP and web site server. Remote Desktop Service was deployed to deliver SAP to end users in easy, fast and flexible way regardless of their geographical location. In addition, the infrastructure was configured to scale up and down when the workload changes.


Among the main benefits are availability, scalability, flexibility, security, stability. Now each of Dataformas employees, regardless of in which country they are, will be able to access their applications. This ensures the required level of business continuity and mobility.

Transition from CAPEX to OPEX helps Dataformas to take full advantage of the pay-per-use concept.