Technical Support and Outsourcing

Technical Support and Outsourcing

Softline approach to Technical Support and Outsourcing is based on the belief that a service contract is more than just a document. It is a pledge of mutually profitable collaboration and partnership between the customer and the service provider. We do our best to bring customers even a better service than it should be according to the contract.

Benefit from Delegation of IT Routines

  • IT infrastructure is like a living body and there is always something changing. However even in a state of change IT systems must be monitored, maintained, , and the breakdowns should be proactively prevented but if something still happens to break down It should be restored really quickly. That is why the service should be executed continuously and by experienced professionals.

    When you entrust the everyday service to the professional service provider you will be able to focus your specialists on primary business tasks. Using expert knowledge and best world practices Sofline will ensure the of the infrastructure.

    Thanks to our inquiry processing and monitoring system we can anticipate incidents looking through the possible case scenario and reacting before any incident happens.

    Same Service Level Worldwide

    As an international company Softline provides a high service level globally, offers centralized service and unified policy of customer support. We are ready to support the infrastructure of the customer’s branches anywhere worldwide at the highest level with guaranteed SLA and stable quality control.

  • Total Quality Control

    Of course, the agreement describes the necessary service level in a clear way but there is something more. When we get engaged to a customer’s IT infrastructure we discover its strengths and weaknesses, give recommendations on optimizing and increasing reliability. Total quality control is executed by our experts, service project managers who take care of the customer during all the term of agreement 24/7.