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Softline International, Inc. (SII) is a full-service provider in the field of technological consulting.For the past fifteen years, we have been providing smart, permanent solutions for a wide variety of clientele. And as our services are designed to be cost-effective long-term solutions, many of our services are significantly lower than what you might find elsewhere.

Note: This web site is currently under development. Please contact us if you would like documentation or information not yet available on-line.

Custom Development Services

API Development Projects
SII develops a variety of API programs for use with the Frame Products family.

Filter Development Projects
SII has developed a number of filters for moving documents between various document formatting systems.

Other Development Projects
SII is called upon to apply its extensive cross-platform expertise to a wide variety of applications for its clients.

Document Production Automation
SII works to automate production systems which integrate a number of different platforms.

Software Products

SII has several of its popular filters and Frame API's available as software packages.

Publishing Consulting

With the dramatic changes occurring in the publishing industry, SII has become a major provider of such services including:

Document Conversion Services

SII operates a service bureau which performs conversions between a wide variety of formats.

Support Services

We provide system programming support, design and implement ways to control the cost of system programming, and provide technical support to clients implementing new technologies.

Company Information

Coming Soon:

Frame Tipsheets
A number of resources for enhancing your use of Frame products.

Ask Claudia
SII's Frame guru who offers opinions and tips for Frame users.

API Shopper
A comprehensive shopping guide for locating the perfect API

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