Corporate social responsibility projects in Russia

Corporate social responsibility projects in Russia

Corporate social responsibility projects are an indispensable part of Softline’s activities. We initiate and contribute to many socially beneficial projects, with a focus on helping vulnerable groups like orphaned or disadvantaged children, the elderly and disabled. Our company supports its local communities in helping to meet basic nutritional needs and by providing opportunities to improve education and tech literacy.

Softline often participates in and sponsors competitions and events for pupils and students in the field of information security. A good example is the hackathon for orphaned children from all around the Moscow region that Istok charitable foundation organizes and we participate as sponsors. During the contests, children develop projects for gaming platforms and websites and the best projects win different prizes to help them continue this passion. Softline also provided the children that participated in the hackathon with personal laptops for further training.

Children´s support is one of the biggest concerns for Softline, and another project that we have also launched is the offering of our patronage to different childcare centres on a regular basis to cover multiple needs, this also includes a very special holiday project carried out by Softline’s employees annually. On New Year’s Eve, children in orphanages write letters to Father Frost, the Russian version of Father Christmas, and the Snow Maiden, his granddaughter. Our employees fulfil these children’s wishes by giving hundreds of children in dozens of Russian cities gifts to celebrate the holiday.

Softline’s people are also committed to support medical initiatives and regularly participate in blood donation. An initiative funded by the company which goal is to help save lives and improve social care.

Being part of the IT world, we consider essential to support those who might not have the resources to learn and keep up with the most modern technologies. That’s why, together with the YUMIRA Charitable Foundation, Softline is supporting the “Taste of Life - Connection of Generations" project. An initiative aimed at helping older people in the development of their internet skills and understanding of modern gadgets

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