Main quality objective of Softline Group of Companies is to improve the quality of business organization and ensure transparency in operations in order to improve customer satisfaction, increase capitalization and attract new investors.

As such, Softline Group of Companies focuses on a “client first” approach, which means continuous improvement of the satisfaction of end users and resellers of software and hardware, as well as customers of our IT services.

We follow the following principles in our activities:

  • Identification and fulfillment of customer requirements for software, hardware and services.
  • Improvement of our services availability to end users and customers.
  • Continuous improvement of our activities through constant development of the key competencies of our employees, systematization of activities and optimization of processes.
  • Assurance of high quality of our services through provision of the customers with opportunity to get maximum benefit from the most suitable solution.
  • Formation of customer understanding of how to use information technologies in the best possible way to improve their business efficiency.
  • Effective interaction with suppliers in order to meet customer requirements.
  • Building and applying the effective quality management system based on the analysis of international experience and subject to industry-related specifics.
  • Use of customer feedback to improve our service quality.

Our company’s top management undertakes to achieve the established quality objectives, comply with the requirements applied within Softline Group of Companies, and improve its quality management system.

Our company’s top management bears responsibility for the implementation of quality policy and guarantees compliance with its requirements.

S.V. Chernovolenko,
Global CEO of Softline

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ISO 9001:2015 Compliance Certificate

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