Anti-Corruption and Competition Policy

In our opinion, corruption and violation of competitive legislation make a considerable negative impact on sustainable economic and social development. Corruption and unfair competition results in the reduction of growth rates and long-term investments, deviations in development priorities, and bears substantial legal and reputational risks.

As a global company, Softline realizes the necessity of strict measures to eliminate the possibility of violations of anti-corruption and competition legislation in any forms. These practices have already been implemented in the company to protect our reputation and to support the sustainable economic and social development in the countries where we are work.

Softline Anti-Corruption Policy describes the standards and the processes that should be followed by the employees and business partners of the company all over the world to prevent the corrupt practices in Softline.

Softline Anti-Corruption Policy:

for Bulgaria 

for Croatia

for Hungary

for Romania

for Slovenia

for Serbia

Softline Competition and Anti-Trust Policy is developed to help all employees of Softline and its affiliates, as well as third parties, agents and consultants acting in the name of Softline or as its representatives to act in accordance with the anti-trust and competition legislation. The document specifies the main principles and problem areas, and marks the limit of permitted actions.

Softline Compliance Board is established by the Quality Director to ensure the compliance of the company’s activity to the international and local legislation in all countries of its presence.