• Softline Launches a Branded Platform for Subscription to Value-Added Services

    Together with the Sri Lanka Telecom, Softline has launched a branded platform Sri-Lanka that will provide subscription to value-added IT services to users from South-East Asia. Largest Russian telecom operators, insurance companies, and credit institutions have already appreciated this solution. With the platform, foreign partners and customers of Softline will be able to adopt new formats of interaction with the target audience and reach more consumers.

  • Softline upgrades cybersecurity system for the Stavropol city administration

    Softline has successfully completed a project to upgrade the information security system in the Stavropol City Hall. This large-scale project employed solutions developed by Infotecs and Security Code.  The upgraded system has already been certified for compliance with government regulations. For a one-year period Softline will be providing support and maintenance. This arrangement will ensure maximum protection from cyber threats for the city administration. 

  • Softline assists State Transport Leasing Company (GTLK) with adding SOC as a service to its cybersecurity event management system

    As a result, State Transport Leasing Company (GTLK) has received an efficient cybersecurity monitoring and response center that can be easily adapted to any of our requests

  • Softline has successfully completed SAM Cloud Productivity assessment for the Eastwind company

    Softline has successfully completed SAM Cloud Productivity assessment for the Eastwind company to determine whether the client’s IT infrastructure was ready to incorporate cloud technologies. 

  • Softline deploys a traffic Balancing system for Kondaneft

    Forward-looking mining companies realize that a good corporate IT infrastructure must rely on fault-tolerant data storage. Softline has all the expertise needed to find the best value option for the upgrade of data storage systems.

  • Standard & Poor’s upholds Softline’s credit rating

    Experts at Standard& Poor's agency analyzed the financial performance of Softline and confirmed its credit rating at B with a stable outlook. Even with the global economy in dire straits, Softline is showing strong growth and quickly adapts to new challenges. Its continuous growth and solid financial position keep attracting investors. 

  • Tadviser ranks Softline as a TOP-5 largest IT company in Russia in 2019

    In 2019 Softline Group’s turnover increased by 14.8% compared to 2018 to RUB 108.83 billion. The dollar turnover rose almost as much (by 13.2% to $1.54 billion). 

  • Softline conducts assessment of cloud environment status for Vizor Labs with Azure Health Checkup

    Softline provided Vizor Labs, a major Russian developer of software for video analytics and computer vision, with Azure Health Checkup, a unique service for analyzing the status of cloud environment. The client received a complete assessment of the Azure infrastructure performance as well as a set of professional recommendations on its comprehensive optimization. The international Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) status awarded at the end of last year to Softline further confirms its expertise in using the broad range of Azure tools to meet customer needs.

  • Softline Transforms customers with Intelligent Communications through UCaaS platform with Teams

    Cinépolis is the biggest cineplex chain in Mexico with 427 theaters in 97 cities.  It is also the largest chain in Latin America and the fourth largest in the world, with over 624 theaters, 5000 screens and over 27,177 employees throughout Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Spain, India and the United States.

  • Softline helps Yukon Advanced Optics integrate communications systems for its offices around the world

    Softline has completed the deployment on an integrated communications system for Yukon Advanced Optics, a global developer and supplier of optical equipment. This move to collaboration services based on Microsoft Office 365 means an excellent quality of communications, a lower workload on the IT infrastructure and appreciable savings for the customer.