Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility projects are an indispensable part of Softline activities. Due to the active development of these programs, more and more social beneficial projects are added to the corporate good deeds record. Helping children is an important part of these activities. Russian branches offer their patronage to child care centers and support them on a regular basis. On New Year’s Eve, children in orphanages write letters to Father Frost, the Russian analogue of Santa Claus, and the Snow Maiden, his granddaughter. Softline employees fulfill the wishes they express in these letters, and hundreds of children in dozens of Russian cities receive gifts from them.

The company regularly participates in a blood donation and funds medical activities, making its contribution to the noble cause of saving human lives and social care.

Softline often participates in and sponsors the competitions and events for pupils and students in the field of information security. The company offers internship programs for students and graduates with the possibility of further employment.