A Way to the Internet of Things for Machinery Manufacturer MCS Kollmorgen

Success Stories

A Way to the Internet of Things for Machinery Manufacturer MCS Kollmorgen

Business Situation

MCS Kollmorgen, a merge of Brazilian company MCS Engenharia with global enterprise Kollmorgen, is a leader in providing movement control systems and components for machinery manufacturers around the world.

Using Internet of Things was a very natural choice for MCS Kollmorgen because always-on connectivity to industrial machine controllers installed in their machinery could help MCS to control equipment at any time and optimize technicians’ visits on site. Before, this data depended on human capital and could be easily lost. So, MCS began to transform their products.


With understanding what the Microsoft platform for IoT would be able to accomplish, the client decided to move on with the journey to transform their business. The Softline and Microsoft value proposition included the end-to-end use of Windows 10 IoT at the customer, through their industrial control tool. Moreover, Softline combined the IoT proposal to the cloud with Microsoft Azure. By joining the two technologies, the client gets a solution that both generates the data in the machine and storages it safely in the Microsoft cloud. Softline has been responsible for all consultancy and support throughout the process.


With the Microsoft IoT platform, MCS Kollmorgen manages to have a full history of the industrial machinery that they operate throughout Brazil. Thus, each machine installation generates data on customization and processes that are then stored in the Azure cloud.

With IoT industrial controllers powered by Windows 10, MCs Kollmorgen performы maintenance with more assertiveness. Since the system fuels the cloud with a data history, the problem can be analyzed immediately and thus this process generates a more precise diagnosis – and all can be done remotely without a technician on site. The whole process is secured since the provisioning is done from custom logins with customizable authorizations.

MCS Kollmorgen has had several good results including:

Better time of problem assessment in the machinery. With all the machinery historical data being stored in the cloud, the technician responsible for maintenance gains time at the time of understanding what the problem is, with a more assertive diagnosis, based on actual data. Before, this data was collected by the people responsible for the machine at the MCS’s client, which generated uncertainty and could harm the maintenance process.

Reduced of travel and maintenance costs. Since maintenance can now be done remotely, it saves on travel expences. Moreover, it allows the company to take its products to more distant locations and exports to other countries, since it can access data and do maintenance remotely.

Security. Working with Windows 10 IoT and with Azure to store information in the cloud, all data is secure. In addition, access to the client machine and its operational functions is guaranteed only by user provisioning, so nothing can harm its operation.

"With IoT, the devices expose the local network, then security counts so that the user is not afraid to connect the machines. Our migration to Windows 10 added value when it came to more efficient graphics and too when talking about security. Furthermore, the 10-year warranty of the system given by Microsoft is the certainty of market longevity", said Edson Casagrande, R&D at MCS Kollmorgen.