DSG International Thailand Migrates 18 Servers to Azure

Success Stories

DSG International Thailand Migrates 18 Servers to Azure

Business Challenge

DSG International Thailand is a public company, a large manufacturer of baby and adult diapers headquartered in Bangkok. Its IT infrastructure was kept in the external datacenter, but the Board of Directors decided to decrease the IT costs and reduce IT personnel. DSG’s aspiration was to move their infrastructure budgeting from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model. Technical Director decided to migrate to cloud, and the obvious platform choice was Azure for its rich functionality, good accessibility and strong reputation.


The customer chose Softline as a partner for the migration project due to rich expertise in cloud solutions and wide experience in performing international projects all over the world.

We migrated 18 Windows servers using Lift & Shift approach and deployed 5 new servers in Azure from scratch to meet the customer’s performance requirements. The customer experienced a true Digital Transformation, because they never used any public or private cloud before and decided to migrate entire IT infrastructure to cloud. This case brought value to both sides, since it was the first customer’s experience with public cloud and the first Softline’s large project in Thailand to migrate infrastructure to Azure.

During the migration, we faced the problem of load balancing. Some of the customer workloads have to be accessible anytime and splashes in performance are quite possible. Customer needed a sustainable and reliable infrastructure, so we proposed to add a load balancer to their new cloud infrastructure. It helps to transfer the load between VMs in case of peak load splashes.

Another challenge was related to SQL server which was migrated from on-premises to Azure cloud. This SQL server has to be accessible from both the cloud environment and the on-premises application, so for this particular workload we suggested to use IaaS concept to make it available for both.


Migration to cloud helped the customer to decrease the cost for IT infrastructure almost by 70%, customer left only one administrator to manage cloud infrastructure. After the project completion, we proposes Technical Support from Softline and Managed service to minimize customer IT staff involvement into infrastructure management.