Fast-Growing Bank Enhances Productivity through Simplified IT Management

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Fast-Growing Bank Enhances Productivity through Simplified IT Management

Client: ACLEDA Bank Plc
Country: Cambodia
Industry: Banking
Services: Migration to Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Subscription Plan


ACLEDA Bank Plc is the largest domestic commercial bank in Cambodia in terms of total assets and customers, with 256 offices covering all provinces, as well as 25 branches in Laos. Since inception, ACLEDA had established itself as an organization compliant with regulatory frameworks and intellectual property laws. Thus, through the years, the bank acquired individual and volume licenses for productivity solutions, particularly Microsoft Office, to support its employees’ needs.

Its growth did not come without pains, however. Because of rapid growth and expansion, the bank needed to support employees who did not use English as their primary nor secondary language, which necessitates software that is adequately localized for the country. Secondly, the rapid expansion resulted in a mix of different software versions, which in order has resulted in incompatibilities that have proven to be counterproductive.

ACLEDA considers Microsoft Office to be a mission-critical tool for employees to do their work productively. “The product is mature, and localization is a key component of usability for our employees,” says Mr. Mach Terry, Senior Vice President and Head of IT, ACLEDA Bank. “However, given the organization’s rapid growth, upgrading licenses every time there is a new release would come at a very high cost.”


In partnership with Microsoft and Softline (Cambodia) Co Ltd, ACLEDA considered several choices in upgrading its license appropriate to its volume needs. “It was a choice between a perpetual license and a recurring subscription,” says Mr Terry. “In the end, we chose the option that gave us more value over the long term.”
By deploying Microsoft Office through an enterprise subscription, ACLEDA’s over 11,000 employees gain a consistent user experience that enhances exchange of information and documents throughout the organization.

Designed for organizations that require software and cloud services for a minimum three-year period, the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement subscription plan lowers initial licensing costs through an annual subscription model. The ability to increase or decrease subscription counts as needed also ensures flexibility for a growing organization like ACLEDA.


Enhanced productivity. With access to the latest versions of Microsoft Office Professional Plus and Microsoft Office Standard, employees are assured of document compatibility across users from the entire organization, thus ensuring an uninterrupted workflow. The enterprise subscription also enables the organization to add more licenses as the need arises, thus supporting ACLEDA’s growth as it opens new offices and expands its reach.

Predictable cost structure. Being in the finance business, ACLEDA needs to balance its resources with an optimized ROI in mind. “In Cambodia, financing institutions can earn up to 18 percent annual return on lending activities,” says Terry. “We need liquidity in order to finance our core business, which involves loans and lending. The predictable nature of the annual Enterprise Agreement subscription is far better than an up-front license payment, enabling us to put our money in revenue-generating activities rather than pay hefty one-time licensing fees.”

Assurance of upgrades. In addition, in discounting the net present value of the recurring subscription, ACLEDA has found it to be approximately the same as a onetime licensing option, with the distinct advantage of having the ability to upgrade to the latest versions once these become available. “With a recurring structure, we are eligible to upgrade to the latest versions upon release, unlike a perpetual license, wherein we will need to purchase new licenses when there are new versions,” says Terry.

Security and compliance. With up-to-date software, ACLEDA also gets assurance of software patches and updates, which helps protect against security vulnerabilities. “The latest versions and up-to-date software patches have likewise enhanced security across the organization,” says Terry. Being an enterprise license, the bank is also confident that licenses are current and valid across its entire organization.

Improved customer service. Subscribing to an Enterprise Agreement is part of ACLEDA’s long-term growth strategy.

Client Testimonials

“We are implementing lean management technologies across the organization, which involves streamlining our process flow and investing in automation. By reducing the cost of operations, we can focus on enhancing customer service, which in turn helps improve our organization’s growth further.”

Mr. Mach Terry, Senior Vice President and Head of IT, ACLEDA Bank