IHC moved Website infrastructure to Azure

Success Stories

IHC moved Website infrastructure to Azure

Business Challenge

Insular Healthcare is a part of Insular Life Group and the biggest online shop of insurances. It has a huge variety of insurance programs and health vouchers and works with Enterprises, Small business and Individuals. Insular Healthcare is first and largest Filipino life insurance company with upbroken service records of 108 years. There are 18500 accredited medical specialists and over 1200 medical facilities IHC works with.

IHC has a very developed website, where customers can buy or prolog services. It is a key way of communication with customers. But IHC faced with the problem that Website worked slow, there was a queue to purchase the insurance. It was sufficient for IHC and they decided to move Website to the new infrastructure.

Softline as a key IT partner of IHC proposed to use Azure cloud to place new infrastructure for Website. This solution is easy to manage and easy scalable, that is important for IHC, because they see constant growth of simultaneous requests on the website.


Softline proposed to use Infrastructure as a Service approach to keep the current website structure. Softline did the right sizing or required workloads, built the connection between on-premises infrastructure via VPN and performed the migration of Servers and Databases. Softline engineers set up the connection between some on-premises services and cloud infrastructure.


Softline did the migration of three Windows Servers and four servers with SQL databases , deployed service bus, app service and storages.

Together with customer IT staff Softline engineers did the load testing to check if the website works faster and passed the acceptance tests. The load testing shew the increase of website productivity and accessibility. It met customer initial requirement to improve website performance.