IT Asset Management Automation for ALROSA Diamond-Mining Company

Success Stories

IT Asset Management Automation for ALROSA Diamond-Mining Company

Country: Russia
Industry: diamond exploration, mining and sales
Services: IT asset management


OJSC ALROSA is the largest global diamond manufacturer in carats. In 2015, the company mined 38.3 million carat of diamond ore, the corporate revenue in 2015 was 224.5 billion rubles.

The top management of ALROSA decided to design and implement an IT Asset Management (ITAM) system. This solution reduces the IT resource upkeep, improves the efficiency of their utilization, an ensures the licensing compliance with the requirements of the Russian legislation. The project tasks included:

  • regular software inventory on workstations and servers to keep the licensing data up-to-date;
  • verification of the required information;
  • monitoring of the software usage by the employees;
  • creating a unified database for all the documents of entitlement;
  • notifying the specialists  in charge about the events related to licensing;
  • development and implementation of a software lifecycle management regulation based on ISO 19770-1 "Information technology.  Software asset management."


Softline specialists analyzed the  current corporate IT infrastructure maturity, as well as the scope of the client's tasks and business requirements. After this study, they recommended to select a solution named Flexnet Manager.

Softline engineers have audited over 5,000 PCs and 372 servers in corporate branches in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Moscow, and Moscow Region. The implemented IT management system supports future infrastructure scaling and expansion of the workstation fleet to 7,500 PCs.


As a project result, Softline experts filled the client's IT asset management system with data on over 3,000 software titles, 226,000 applications, and collected 450 entitlement document packages.  ALROSA has now the centralized software asset management tools, a practicable internal SAM process framework, and the possibility to monitor the software acquisition needs.

Client Testimonials

"The IT asset tools implemented by Softline specialists centralize and systematize the licensing data storage, automatically analyze the software and hardware configurations, perform the IT asset accounting, and manage their lifecycle. All these benefits are going to reduce the cost of resource administration and optimize the workload distribution on licensing specialists. The implemented solution centralizes the software purchasing processes in ALROSA, optimizes the usage of existing licenses, and considerably reduces the cost of the new software SKUs."

Aleksandr Fedotov
Senior specialist of the System Administration and User Support Department, IT & Communication Directorate ALROSA PJSC