Modernization of OMK IT Infrastructure

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Modernization of OMK IT Infrastructure

Client: OMK (United Metallurgical Company)
Country: Russia
Industry: metallurgy
Services: infrastructure consolidation


OMK (United Metallurgical Company) is the largest Russian manufacturer of pipes, wheelsets for railway transport, rolled metal products, and leaf springs for automotive applications. The goods produced by OMK are delivered to the largest power generation, transportation, and heavy industry companies in over 30 countries. More than 30 thousand employees work in OMK.

Before the project, the IT infrastructure of the holding units in Nizhny Novgorod region, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Chelyabinsk and Perm Region was isolated from other enterprises, and administered locally. It was necessary to create a unified catalog system for all the enterprises to consolidate the resources and centralize the IT support.


Softline specialists have migrated the client workstations, user accounts and profiles, applications and servers. The service interruption time during the server migration was minimal and went almost unnoticed for users. A unified administration center was created to consolidate the corporate IT resources. Isolated domains were transferred to the unified scalable Microsoft Active Directory  catalog service running on the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 platform. All domain functions are still available in the new environment. The client can now apply consistent software management policies to the entire holding infrastructure.


Migration to a unified catalog service is a reasonable decision for such a large company, as OMK. It proves the maturity of the IT management and the willingness to control the available IT assets. The unified catalog service simplifies the implementation of new products, reduces the financial and labor costs of technical support of various distributed systems.

Client Testimonials

"Before the project, our employees that needed access to resources in other domain had to write a ticket to the IT department. Now we have a unified domain system that simplifies the user access to the necessary data and reduces the workload on the IT staff. Furthermore, domain consolidation is another step to infrastructure development and implementation of new projects. In particular, we are planning to implement and e-mail system on the basis of Microsoft Exchange."

Aleksandr Naumov
Head of the Project Office of OMK-Information Technologies.