Odessa Technologies Empowers Employees by Creating a Secure Productive Enterprise

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Odessa Technologies Empowers Employees by Creating a Secure Productive Enterprise

Business Situation

Odessa Technologies, Inc. is a consulting company in the leasing industry headquartered in Philadelphia, USA. Its flagship platform LeaseWave it is used by large multi-national banks, leading leasing companies (vehicles, fleet and equipment leasing) located across the world. With 450 employees and major customers across the world Odessa Technologies has massive operations in Bangalore, India.

Being an organization in a phase of high growth, Odessa Technologies wanted a complete collaboration solution that will take care of their future business needs as well as integrate well into existing infrastructure and investments. The new solution had to replace outdated collaboration and mailing systems unable to keep up with the pace of the market on mobility & security. Ensuring security was the primary concern due to the sensitive nature of leasing business, and mobility functionality had to handle with high volume of existing IP coupled with the prevalent BYOD culture.


Preparation phase. After a series of workshops to arrive at an optimized solution, profiling the users, and detailed analysis on the existing licensing spread, Softline offered a solution that provided a cloud based collaborative workplace to embrace diverse workstyles.

Collaboration & Productivity. Core element of the new infrastructure, Exchange Online empowered easy management of email, calendars, and schedules while Skype for Business as a platform for instant meetings/internal collaboration. Storage capacities on One Drive & SharePoint made it possible to exchange documents and files with ease.

Mobility & Security. Enabling the employees to get things done from any device, anywhere in a secure manner was a key prerequisite of the project. Mobile infrastructure planned and deployed by Softline is powered by Intunes as a mobile infrastructure management tool, compliant with all devices & enabling visibility of all applications. Group policies allow secure access to data and apps when working mobile, and Azure RMS restricts access to financial data for internal & external stakeholders. At the same time employees enjoy privacy at their devices as app wrapping is selectively protecting only corporate applications.

Softline Approach. Softline’s approach to the migration was focused on ensuring business-as-usual environment. Softline acted as a single unified team in coordination with the client which allowed migration of the entire organization with no downtime. Technical team was available throughout the migration phase. At the end of the migration end user adoption workshops were introduced for employee awareness.


Softline delivered a single, holistic collaboration platform for employees. It ensures easy collaboration and improves productivity, and meets customer’s security requirements.

Odessa Technologies is planning to use Power BI to get organization wide & business specific insights. Together with the client, Softline technical team is now exploring ways to provide insights to drive faster, better business decisions using CXOs dashboards.