Softline Makes a SAM Assessment of the Positive Technologies’ Development Environments

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Softline Makes a SAM Assessment of the Positive Technologies’ Development Environments

Positive Technologies is one of the global leaders in the field of comprehensive protection of information systems from the latest cyber threats. The company is a Microsoft Gold Partner. Its clients include governmental and financial organizations, telecom, industrial, service, retail and IT companies from more than 30 countries.

As a large software developer, Positive Technologies is interested in building and developing a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure for designing, creating, and testing the IT solutions. For this purpose, it was necessary to assess the strengths and the weaknesses of the current regulations and procedures governing the non-production environment management. The executives of Positive Technologies decided to implement a SAM Non-Production Environments project to audit the current development environment management policies and update the information about the existing IT assets. Following the project results, the client wanted to receive the recommendations required to build a scalable and accessible infrastructure that reduces the time required by the IT department to respond to the client’s demands in shorter time.

Softline was chosen to implement this project, because its specialists have the necessary experience in Software Asset Management projects and proven competences.

During the project, Softline specialists developed a draft document, which contained the summary data on the number of employees having access to non-production environments. At the next stage, they used the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit to inventory around 300 workplaces and discover more than 80 test environments.

The comprehensive development environment study was based on information acquired during the analysis of answers to questions about the non-production environment lifecycle, on HR department records and licensing data.

The project was implemented in accordance with the Scope of Work provided by Microsoft. Softline assessed the current non-production environment management policies and prepared the report that included recommendations on improvement of the existing SAM processes and corporate non-production environment management. Softline experts also suggested the client to use Microsoft Azure cloud platform to build non-production environments and run tests, which in future may decrease the financial and time costs.

“Softline provided the client with all necessary documentation, which reflects the main principles of efficient software usage and approaches to its licensing in accordance with global Software Asset Management (SAM) practices and Microsoft requirements. Now Positive Technologies has everything necessary to optimize its non-production environments,” — said Sergei Krutskikh, IT Consultant of Softline Business Consulting Department, Microsoft Certified Professional.

“The report provided by Softline specialists will become a basis for long-term corporate IT infrastructure and non-production environment development strategy. The recommendations that we received will enable the licensing transparency and simplify the software acquisition process,” — said Oleg Senchnko, CIO at Positive Technologies.