Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Is your business growing together with the IT costs? Do you want to save on the purchase of software and hardware? Are you tired of wasting time and energy on an independent IT organization, but want to enjoy the benefits of new technologies? Softline offers efficient cloud services for the modern business! Use corporate applications, databases, and documents wherever you are - in different branches, countries or on different continents! We are in the TOP 5 largest suppliers of cloud solutions for 5 consecutive years (CNews Analytics 2011- 2015). Own data centers (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan).

Cloud Platforms

  • Softline Cloud Platform

    Computing resource rental in the Softline data center allows creating even the most complex infrastructure designs for any business in the cloud (IaaS) in just a couple of minutes.

Cloud Services for Business

  • Softline Virtual Office. Made in Russia. Full compliance with Federal Law No. 152

    Ready-to-use productivity cloud service based on Microsoft platform charged on monthly basis. The offering includes corporate email, unified communication and telephony tools, portal, and Microsoft Office subscription.

    Microsoft Office 365

    Office 365 includes classic Office application suite for work stations and integrated Microsoft cloud services: Exchange, OneDrive, Lync, SharePoint.You always use the latest app versions and need only internet for work.
  • Google Apps for Work

    Google offers a solution that provides a new level of corporate communications and collaboration, at any time, from anywhere and on any device.

    Cloud-based Corporate Email

    Email from the cloud is a perfect option for startups or new branches, combining quick launch with flexible scaling and pay-per-use pricing.

  • Corporate Portal

    This solution provides a corporate information portal with rich collaboration and communication capabilities.

    Virtual Desktop

    Virtual desktops are deployed on reliable fault-tolerant servers in data centers. The connection via secure channels ensures data transfer confidentiality.

  • 1C in the Cloud

    By hosting the 1C database on a high-performance Softline platform, you get guaranteed access to data at any place and at any time. Clients can use dedicated scalable 1C virtual servers. They can be administered by an in-house administrator or by Softline’s staff.

    Engineer’s Workplace (CAD)

    GPU virtualization based on NVIDIA GRID technology enables working with CAD suites hosted on remote servers. NVIDIA GRID GPU sharing allows multiple users to work with graphically-intense applications at the same time.

  • Workstation-as-a-Service

    Instead of purchasing our customers can rent user workstations — PCs and notebooks with preinstalled standard software and connected to corporate services with monthly subscription fee.

Virtual Resource Rental

  • Virtual Infrastructure/Virtual Data Centers

    With the scalable computing capacity rental service, you can manage servers, data storage systems, software, networks and other resources on your own. The virtual data center is managed and configured through VMware vCloud Director.

    Virtual Servers

    Cloud-based virtual machine rental is a simple alternative to purchase of a physical server. The systems remain under your control, the only difference is that they will be deployed in the cloud, running on proven equipment and serviced by professionals.

  • Web Hosting

    Your corporate website should be always available, ready for any number of visitors,  with quick server response time. Softline provides website hosting on an in-house cloud platform.

    Private Cloud as a Service

    The service is designed for organizations that do not want to maintain an in-house IT infrastructure but have requirements that make public cloud unsuitable for them. Clients can rent a solution that includes servers, data storage and virtualization systems. Choose to place the equipment in one of three Softline data centers (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan) or on the client site.

  • Cloud-based Backup

    Cloud backup solution allows restoring lost or deleted data in a couple of minutes. Cloud backup of file servers, PCs, databases, mailboxes, access rights and passwords, server, application and OS settings, as well as virtual machines ensures business continuity.

Hardware Leasing

  • Problems with power supply, conditioning, physical security, switching and technical support might lead to considerable financial costs, cause irreparable damage to corporate business processes and reputation, and suspend the IT services. To minimize such risks, deploy your equipment in Softline data centers with everything necessary for providing IT infrastructure reliability and fault tolerance. If your company does not have its own equipment, we can lease it to you. The client is guaranteed to receive:

    • the best equipment from the leading global vendors;
    • security: the equipment is installed in Tier III data centers;
    • 24х7х365 monitoring and technical support.


      Dedicated server Hardware as a service
    Hardware vendor selection No Yes
    Fixed minimal leasing term No Yes
    Deployment on the client premise No Yes
    Custom configuration Yes Yes
    24х7х365 technical support Yes Yes
    Software leasing Yes Yes
    Connection to Softline cloud (SaaS, IaaS, DaaS, PaaS) Yes Yes


Cloud Licensing

  • Microsoft SPLA

    Companies that participate in this Microsoft licensing program can provide Microsoft solutions to their customers with monthly payment for actually used services.

    Rent of Citrix, VMware, Veeam, Security Code licenses

    License rental programs are designed specifically for all service providers that provide hosting services to end-users. By joining such programs, a partner gets a chance to create its own cloud on certain platform and rent out its capacity. Softline is an authorized aggregator under the renal programs of VMware (vCAN), Citrix (CSP), Veeam (VCP), and Security Code (vGate).