Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft Solutions

Softline specialists implement Microsoft-based solutions covering all areas of IT - modern secure workstations, security solutions, a hybrid infrastructure design and business applications. Already implemented projects reduced infrastructure maintenance costs, automated all processes and dramatically accelerated decision-making. Softline experts help plan the implementation of Microsoft-based systems, deploy the solutions in a customer's infrastructure, and ensure their long-term support and development, taking into account the customer's specifics.

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Management and Security

  • Deployment of secure workstations

    Microsoft 365

    This solution provides migrating workstations to the latest version of Windows and Office and deployment of the workstation management system. Most corporate customers worldwide use Windows OS and the Office on their workstations. The variety of versions and configurations makes it difficult and costly to manage workstations. In addition, it carries risks in terms of security and compatibility.

    IT Service Management

    Microsoft System Center

    The main objective of an IT department in any large company is to provide IT services to internal users. The IT Service management system delivers high quality services for users and shortens the time spent on problem solving. The system provides centralized management of servers, networking hardware, workstations and mobile devices connected to the corporate network.

  • Identification and User Account Management

    Microsoft Identity Manager

    Although the basic objectives of user identification and access rights differentiation are handled by the regular Active Directory tools, many organizations decide to implement this solution to provide users with a single sign-on to all systems via a single input of credentials, to simplify users account management, and to deploy two-factor identification as well.

    Hybrid Infrastructure Management

    Operations Management Suite

    This solution makes it possible to monitor availability and performance of the servers in your organization and of the infrastructure rented in Azure Cloud as well. The agents installed on physical or virtual servers collect and transmit dozens of control parameters related to CPU, memory, disk subsystem, network adapter, operating system parameters and security systems.

  • Enterprise Data Security and Mobile Personnel Management

    Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

    Based on the EM + S suite, this solution includes both security and management features. 

    Azure Active Directory Premium is a user management system with secure access in the cloud. It provides convenient and secure access with single sign-on to all corporate systems and applications from any mobile devices.

    Intune is used for mobile device management. Its functionality is similar to System Center Configuration Manager, though the solution is designed for managing Windows, iOS and Android mobile devices, and for deploying LOB applications on them.

Data Storage and Data Exchange

  • Private Cloud

    Windows Server

    Microsoft System Center

    Not all customers are willing to place important systems and publish data outside their corporate network due to security requirements. The solution based on Windows Server and System Center, that have already gained a reputation in thousands of deployments worldwide, allows to build a virtualized working environment of any complexity for the operation of business systems and applications, and the creation of internal IT services. The mature and time-tested Microsoft platform provides the creation of functional, reliable, and manageable infrastructure.

    Disaster Recovery System in Backup DPC

    Azure Site Recovery

    This solution is designed for creating backup copies of data, business applications and services, deployed on physical servers, in Hyper-V and VMware virtual environments in Microsoft Azure or Softline DPC. It allows you to reduce costs and eliminate difficulties associated with creating your own backup site.

  • Mail System Development and Migration


    The solution provides organization with a functional, manageable, and secure system for mail exchange, scheduling and resource reservation. The systems based on Exchange Server or Exchange Online are easily scaled for usage in small offices as well as holdings with a distributed structure.

    Universal Communications

    Skype for Business

    This solution combines instant messaging, presence statuses display, audio and video chats, work teams conferences with desktop demonstration and calls to landline and mobile phone numbers. Skype for Business can be easily integrated with the Exchange or Exchange Online email service and the Active Directory service.

  • Enterprise Portal and Information Kiosk


    Portal is an internal corporate website, which is designed for providing an information space and support for business processes. Portals are used for posting and structuring documents and data, collaboration, receiving and processing applications, and building a document flow.

Process Automation

  • Informational and Educational Portal


    Similar needs of educational organizations in content creation, management and exchange enabled us to a replicable solution for schools, universities and education authorities.

    The portal serves as a centralized resource for accumulating and structuring such data as lectures, videos, demonstration materials and teaching aids. The customizable process of negotiating new content helps ensure the quality of accumulated knowledge.

    Knowledge Management System


    This solution is designed for enterprises that require accumulation of knowledge used in daily activities in a formalized manner. Storing data in a specialized system will enable you to find necessary information easily and quickly whenever it is needed, and when key employees are fired, all the accumulated intellectual resources remain in the enterprise.

  • Marketing, Sales and Services Processes Automation

    Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Dynamics 365 unites the functionality of the ERP-system, solutions for customer relationship management and project management systems. Thus, a single solution fulfills an operations management cycle of a company: finance, sales, service, marketing, and project activities.

    Project Management System


    This solution allows you to optimize any internal activity of a company within projects framework and project portfolios management processes. The main objectives the system solves are monitoring of working hours, budgets and deadlines, coordination of work of partakers, who are often geographically distributed.

  • Analytical systems

    Microsoft SQL Server

    Power BI

    Companies around the world are accumulating more and more data. Thus, today, more than ever, it is important to have tools for analysis, decision making and forecasting. The Microsoft analytical solutions occupy a leading position among the means of storage, consolidation and analysis of information, and are successfully used for various analytical scenarios applicable to operational and financial data.

    Industry Solution: Real Estate Sales Automated Management System

    Microsoft Dynamics 365

    This solution automates operations with real estate objects on the primary and secondary markets, consolidates information on these objects and clients, helps increase client loyalty and sales effectiveness. The system covers the entire range of real estate services: rent and sale of apartments, offices and other commercial real estate.

  • Industry Solution: Citizen Relationship Management System for Public Organizations

    Microsoft Dynamics 365

    The solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform simplifies the process of delivering state and city services, improves their quality, reduces the amount of paperwork in the institution, increases the productivity of employees, and reduces inaccuracy. The solution is intended for organizations that keep records of citizens' application forms and cases filed manually or via obsolete systems, the usage of which sometimes results in inaccuracies and lack of data integrity control.

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