Software by subscription for service providers

Software by subscription for service providers

Software by subscription (SbS) is a new model of software distribution, which unlike the traditional software sale models offers the service provider's user a flexible payment option for using the desired program (from 1 day to 1 year), while retaining the ability to unsubscribe at any time.

Software by subscription (SbS)

  • Our team of professionals offers a modern technical solution for distributing the software on a subscription basis – a purpose-built platform that can integrate with any service provider. The automated platform is intended for products preparation, sales, billing, management and reporting. Softline technical platform has a wide range of settings that enable distribution of all types of VAS-services with the help of a single integration partner.

    Our key focus today – is the distribution of antivirus software by subscription through communications services providers. However, the platform capabilities allow you to distribute virtually any subscription services.

Software by subscription as a VAS-service is:

  • For the provider

    • Expansion of the range of VAS-services of service provider.
    • Increase of the service value for the customer.
    • Attraction of new users.
    • Increase of ARPU by 10%.
    • Reduced customer outflow.

    For the Client

    • Saving time for searching and purchasing a packaged solution from third-party distributors.
    • Saving money for purchasing expensive products with a long-term license.
    • Timely automatic update of the license.

Our partners

  • We provide SbS service

    We are the official partner of the leading antivirus software developers

How does it work?

  • Technical solution

    Softline platform is integrated with the service provider's billing taking into account its needs and specifications. After integration, customers can activate the subscription to the service in their personal account or on the provider's website, selecting the desired product in the directory.

    The platform has a built-in business intelligence module that monitors all key service metrics, and also allows you to create a partner reporting panel with an authorized access for the company's employees.

    Marketing opportunities

    Our team provides comprehensive marketing support to service providers. We make every effort to ensure the growth of sales of our partner's VAS-services: from the development of marketing materials and presentations, to conducting various activities. Our proven sales tools include:

    • Outbound telemarketing
    • Inclusion of the service into the subscriber's tariff plan.
    • Start page.
    • Banners on the communications provider's web-site.
    • Various sales promotions: promo periods, discounts, sales.

Our team

  • Our close-knit team of technical specialists and developers ensures stable operation (functionality) of the platform. Project commercial and marketing support is provided by the team of professional managers.

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