Industrial and process automation solutions

Industrial and process automation solutions

The Softline strategy makes it possible to create unique competitive advantages for your business. The broad spectrum of capabilities provided by our packaged solution is our important competitive edge in the market.

Our solutions include:

  • Softline offers a broad range of turnkey systems and services: from development and implementation to maintenance services.

    Our company builds data centers and power supply systems, implements OLAP, BI, ERP, PDM, PLM, GIS, and CAD, carries out large-scale projects powered by big data, enterprise mobility, and digital lab technologies, software robots (RPA), and implements IT infrastructure and SCADA cybersecurity solutions.

    • MES solutions
    • Enterprise Assets Management (EAM) systems
    • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
    • Design systems for production enterprises (CAD, CAE, CAM, CAPP)
    • Industrial IoT
    • SCADA solutions and plant control systems
    • Vibrodiagnostics and vibration monitoring systems
    • Exterior and interior lighting management systems
    • Frequency-based power control stations (variable frequency drives, frequency converters, control stations)
    • Power distribution management system and outage management system (DMS, OMS)    
    • Telemetry instrumentation center for power industry (PTIC)
    • Energy measurement and metering systems
    • Dispatch control system for transformer sub-stations
    • Telemetric, teleautomatic, M2M communication and process management systems in power industry
    • Systems for maintenance management in distributed facilities  
    • Emergency monitoring systems and systems for prompt notification of emergency services
    • Systems for tracking the movement of products and semi-finished products
    • Dispatch control systems, operations and situation management centers.
  • MES

    We analyze the client’s requirements, develop and implement MES solutions from the leading global vendors in various industries based on the stage-by-stage MES implementation methodology. We develop a promising Russian product named Chesla. Our company applies the front-end approaches of the leading global vendors in accordance with the transparent and open standards ISA-88/ISA-95.


    We develop EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) solutions, ensure rational material and technical supply (as per customizable KPIs) and prompt planning, reveal repairs and control the current state of EAM works (based on the data about the technical state of equipment and quality of previous repairs). Our company has experience in the implementations of IAM solutions, including integration with information systems such as 1С, SAP, OeBS, GIS, WMS, ACS, SCADA, and exterior lighting management systems.

  • WMS

    We implement warehouse management systems powered by a broad range of technologies, unique methodologies and software solutions in the field of warehouse management analysis and HR motivation system. Softline delivers engineering and process equipment and storage systems, develop software, video intelligence and security systems.


    We integrate CAD solutions with various CAE and engineering modeling systems. Softline can link the project information environment with production equipment and technological process standards. We implement CAPP and CAM systems for CNC machines and processing centers.

  • Industrial IoT

    At the crest of the wave of Industry 4.0 Softline is developing the future-proof IIoT concept. We are one of the few companies that have successfully implemented IoT in Russian enterprises. IIoT can bring results such as experimental analysis of a system of production factors, remote maintenance, accelerated R&D processes, independence from the software architecture and locations of specialists.

    SCADA and PCS systems

    We have broad expertise in the traditional tasks of process automation in manufacturing and power industry application. We use time-proven Russian solutions and have technical and commercial competences in solutions of over 50 leading global vendors. We offer the best comprehensive solutions in cooperation with international and Russian partners like RTSoft, Energosoft IK, PROSOFT, Krug, Entels, and Avectis.

  • Vibration monitoring

    The vibrodiagnostic unit offered by Softline increases the financial efficiency of the enterprise. The system performs the diagnostics of vibration, field units, bearings, and grease. It ensures safe and fault-free equipment operation, reveals possible points of failure at early stages, switches the equipment to safe mode and initiates unscheduled maintenance or repairs.

    Lighting management

    Implementation of automatic lighting management systems is one of the ways to adopt an energy saving program and increase the enterprise operation resilience thanks to the reduction of operational costs and power consumption. The system offered by Softline enables controlling the observance of the lighting management procedures and is capable of automatically managing the exterior and interior lighting systems in autonomous mode.