Softline Performs the SAM Cybersecurity Assessment in SAMARAENERGO


Softline Performs the SAM Cybersecurity Assessment in SAMARAENERGO

Softline has completed the SAM project dedicated to the comprehensive license compliance analysis of the Microsoft software installed in Samaraenergo, and athe ssessment of the key сlient’s Cybersecurity competences. As a result, the client has received a report about the state of his IT infrastructure and recommendations on optimizing the corporate information security.

Samaraenergo PJSC is the largest power grid in the Middle Volga region, which provides power to around 69% of the Samara Oblast. Samaraenergo serves over 17,000 businesses and 550,000 citizens. More than 1,000 employees work in the company.

Samaraenergo follows the Code of Business Conduct. So it  was very important for the corporate executives to assess the compliance of the current SAM processes with the cybersecurity standards.

Softline, a company with the necessary experience in implementing such projects, was chosen as the IT partner.  Softline is a SAM certified Microsoft partner that offers Its clients the full spectrum of services aimed to increase the quality of vendor software utilization and improve the license compliance.

During the SAM Cybersecurity projects, the main tasks of Softline experts were:

  • assessment of software installed on all corporate computers;
  • analysis of legal entitlement documents related to Microsoft software;
  • determining the actual number of licenses and used Microsoft software;
  • development of recommendations on necessary purchases to achieve the license compliance;
  • assessment of IT infrastructure from the Cybersecurity point of view;
  • development of a Cybersecurity improvement roadmap, including all necessary technical and licensing manuals and guidelines.

In this project, Softline specialists used the solution recommended by Microsoft – Microsoft Assessment and Planning Tool (MAP) – to analyze the license compliance. Softline experts made an inventory of more than 700 PCs, audited the installed software, assessed the current state of Microsoft software contracts, and also compared the available licenses with the actual accounting data. At the next stage, they developed the recommendations on licensing cost optimization based on the specific features of Samaraenergo IT infrastructure.

Softline also assessed the key client competences in the field of Cybersecurity. Softline specialists have prepared the project documentation, which suggests a holistic approach to the security strategy, describing such components, as personnel, processes, and technologies. Furthermore, they have developed the plan, which reflects the recommendations for risk management and takes into account the technologies that have already been deployed, the current security level and the in-depth security strategy.

“The project result was the successful completion of all important tasks that our specialists faced. The developed recommendations will improve the protection of the Client’s network, reduce the incident response time and improve the IT infrastructure analysis,” – said Dmitry Orlov, IT consultant of the Softline Business Consulting Department.

“Thanks to the project, we were able to get a clear picture of the current licensing state and optimize the license usage, particularly when working with databases,” – said Aleksandr Yakinakha, Head of the IT infrastructure department of Samaraenergo.