Softline Provides the Microsoft Cloud Services to E100 Group


Softline Provides the Microsoft Cloud Services to E100 Group

Softline signed a three-year Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Subscription with E100, an international company that provides fuel cards for drivers of transportation and logistics companies. Over 500 specialists of the client in Russia and Europe enjoyed a productivity growth thanks to switching to Office 365 and Azure.

Services provided by E100 are delivered by specialists working in various countries. Due to its extensive branch network and many affiliates, the client needed scalable IT solutions for enterprise communications and a convenient licensing program. The top management of E100 requested the assistance of Softline, which offered a three-year Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Subscription (EAS) for cloud solution licensing.

As a result, the client has received a single software installation package and a personal account, from which it can manage licenses in all its business units. With the EAS agreement, you can flexibly manage licenses between affiliated legal entities. As a result, you can flexibly plan the IT budget and purchase software in accordance with the current business requirements.

Another important project outcome was that E100 moved to cloud email and Microsoft Office 365 collaboration tools. The previous email solution had been no longer able to meet the corporate requirements, and E100 needed an enterprise-class solution. This is why Softline migrated over 500 mailboxes of a part of employees in the offices of Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, and other countries to Exchange Online. This solution can be further scaled in future. The employees of many branches of E100 can access their everyday productivity suite at any time and from any device.

Softline specialists have also synchronized the Active Directory catalog service of the customer with its counterpart in the Azure cloud. As a result, E100 employees can use a single account to access Office 365 resources.

“We received a scalable cloud solution that enables the efficient workforce collaboration and helps our employees from all branches to always stay online. Email, a unified communication system, and the OneDrive storage help employees solve the daily tasks and rationally use the corporate resources,” — says Marat Chiganov, CIO at E100.

“The project implementation process included many iterations: from conducting meetings on state-of-the-art Microsoft products and technologies and analyzing client infrastructure to forming and optimizing the product list to meet the client’s needs. We have satisfied the requirements of not only the Russian branch of E100, but also the entire holding company. We have made the most out of migration to the unified productivity platform, and transparent budgeting and flexible scaling perfectly meet the needs of a dynamically developing company,” — says Ilya Teslin, Head of the Client Management Department, Softline.

E100 is one of the largest fuel card operators that offers payment for fuel by wire transfer to transportation and logistics companies in Europe and the CIS. Their drivers can use a single E100 card to refill at gas stations, pay for toll roads, parking, TIR services, and car washes. The company has 32 offices in 14 countries.