Softline to Move on Blockchain Its Educational Institution Online Store


Softline to Move on Blockchain Its Educational Institution Online Store

The Softline Company Group has announced a transfer of its educational institution digital store to the new generation blockchain-implemented Aggregion platform. The approach that is premised on distributed databases is to provide to its rightholders a complete control to manage the SW license parameters along with the contents, while enabling rights transfer from the purchasing entity down to an end user, be it a school teacher or a student, within a matter of seconds, as well as contributing to saving costs involved in SW and contents delivery from the developer to the user.

At this moment in time, the project has academic sector customers in its focus. The portal makes available to them some general-system or antivirus software, electronic dictionaries and textbooks, development tools, educational content, graphics and automatic design handling solutions, and some content filtering software. For example, the Softline project provides a framework for the direct Microsoft CSP license sales, thereby allowing a quickest possible product delivery to its end user. When forming an order at the Softline educational portal, the vendor’s partner centre automatically generates a key using a Microsoft account. The Aggregion automates the license processing and makes the distribution chain as transparent and convenient as possible for all its participants, such as rightholders, distributors, resellers or end users. The platform enables operations with any digital product types and integrates into any distribution channels.

The new generation blockchain-based platform enables all the system participants to operate in a single open digital rights management ecosystem. In case of a private cloud, Aggregion used to act as an authorised party, whereas now consensus is built among all the transaction participants, and it cannot be changed. The latter is fundamentally vital from the licensing process viewpoint, as the relevant process includes a great number of parties involved; besides, it supports the system transparency, including the platform itself, as well as the vendor’s independence from it.

“The education system often opts for centralised procurements, when departments or ministries purchase SW or contents for their regions’ schools. The platform allows for rights transfer from a purchasing entity to its end users, be it a school teacher or student, within a matter of seconds. And it’s far from a mere transfer: it’s also about rights management, for instance, contents transfer from one student to another,” says Tatiana Bruskina, Director of the Federal Project Department, Softline.

“Today Russia lacks such projects, whereby the educational institutions are able to buy everything, like SW, contents, collaboration tools and many more, and to click the whole thing through in no time at all. The Softline has supported our initiatives related to license processing automation and to advancement of the practice involving the license use monitoring among the academic customers. We have plans underway to develop the platform as a product further by putting in place some promising technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and computer-assisted teaching and learning,” says Nukri Basharuli, Aggregion Company founder and CEO.