Equipo de gestión

Consejo de administración

Igor Borovikov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Presidente del Consejo de Administración

Dennis Fulling

Director gerente de Davinci Capital

Director gerente de Davinci Capital

Oleg Jelezko

Socio gerente de Davinci Capital

Socio gerente de Davinci Capital

Dirección Ejecutiva

Artem Tarakanov

Director Financiero Global

Director Financiero Global

Elena Volotovskaya

Chief Investment Officer, Head of Softline Venture Partners

Vice presidenta de Inversiones y Fucsione y Adquisiciones

Ruslan Beloúsov

General Director

CEO Rusia

Maxim Karamyshev

CEO Softline Eastern Europe and Central Asia


Igor Petliakov

CEO Softline International

“I believe information technology is not an industry where you can expand to new markets using a brute force. Most of my work is keeping the company agile and responsive, identifying new economic drivers and paths to profitability.”

Get to know Igor

A role of international business executive requires a blend of a deep knowledge of diverse markets worldwide and a strong focus on perfectly preset development priorities. Igor combines both with a clear vision of Softline’s path to truly global IT solution and services provider. In the present he is responsible for business development beyond Russia and former Soviet Union.

Igor Petlyakov started his career in Softline in 2008 as a Development Director for Latin America. His passion for this part of the world has a strong background, a Master Degree in International Relations with LATAM specialization from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. However, after his graduation in 2000 he found that business administration better suited his competitive spirit than foreign affairs. After a few years on various positions in automotive, woodworking and other industries Igor joined Softline preparing at that time to enter Latin American market.

Igor’s hard work made it possible to launch from scratch the first Softline branch on the other side of the Atlantic in Venezuela in 2008, followed soon by Argentina (2009), Colombia (2010), Peru (2011), Costa Rica (2012) and Chile (2013). With his skill to address multiple tasks simultaneously, Igor managed to create a comprehensive solutions portfolio, establish tight relations with major software and hardware vendors, build strong teams in all locations, earn Softline a reputation of reliable and technology-aware service provider. Close partnership with Microsoft and Large Account Reseller status for all Softline branches in Latin American countries belong to his key achievements.

As a proven leader capable of responding hard challenges Igor was appointed to a post of Vice President International in 2013. Currently his primary objectives include significant growth of services share in Softline’s business with particular focus on cloud solutions as well as increase of a share of non-Russian business.

Atul Ahuja

Managing Director, India & APAC

Vicepresidente de Asia (APAC e India)

Gustavo Capart

Managing Director LATAM

Vicepresidente de LATAM

Sergio Klarreich

Chief Technology Officer and Microsoft Alliance Vice President

Sergio is a 21 years IT and Telco Industries veteran, including a 14 years tenure at Microsoft, having worked in engineering, sales, consulting, and business development roles. He also has experience as an entrepreneur and Microsoft Azure startup founder.

Evgeny Tkachenko

Global Alliances Director

Evgeny has chosen a career path in IT in his student years. His rich industry background originates in Bauman Technical University in Moscow where he earned а Master degree in Computing and Aerial Vehicle Flight Automation. Lated he continues studies at Radioelectronics and Automation Academy in Moscow where he Electronics Design and Development.

Evgeny Tkachenko works in different companies in IT industry over 15 years, 8 of them in Softline. After 5 years of career as a Corporate Sales Director he switched to International Business Development. He spent a year in India playing an important role of Softline’s operations launch in this country. Currently Evgeny heads Softline in the USA and is also responsible for global partner relations with world leaders in software, hardware and cloud computing.

Evgeny is married, has three children.