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Igor Borovikov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

“IT industry is rapidly changing, and I’m sure that the pace of innovation will be even faster in the future. To remain in IT in the next ten years it’s not enough to follow the market and technology trends, you have to become the trendsetter.”

Get to know Igor 

Igor Borovikov graduated from the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1986. He continued his academic career with a postgraduate studies followed by a position in the Academy of Sciences from 1989 to 1992, where he earned his Ph.D. and publishing over 30 scientific papers.

Igor Borovikov founded Softline in 1993. Under Igor's leadership, Softline became a global IT company with branches in 30 countries. Igor’s business administration talent, vision and determination led Softline from scientific software sales to implementation of comprehensive and innovative IT solutions. Today, thousands of clients entrust Softline responsible and important projects. Softline serves both international corporations and ambitious startups, industry giants and small businesses, state organizations and private sector leaders.

In 2010 and 2012, Igor Borovikov was the winner of the Top 25 Best Russian IT Business Leaders ranking. In 2013, he was included into the Top-100 Russian Internet Millionaires by the Secret Firmy magazine and became one of the Top-50 Russian IT Venture Investors. The next year EY named him the Entrepreneur of the Year in the field of IT services.

Besides ambitious business initiatives, Igor also participates in a number of important social projects. Since 2009, he is a member of the Board of the Russian Non-Governmental Organization for Small and Medium Business OPORA RUSSIA and the head of its IT Committee. In 2015 he was invited into the Digital Economy Development Working Group in APAC operating under the aegis of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) — one of the 5 regional commissions of the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Igor Borovikov pays a lot of attention to the rising generation of future IT professionals: Softline and its partners implement a number of educational programs to foster new talents and standardize the IT education system.

Igor’s hobbies include philosophy, psychology, skiing, hockey, and art.

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Dennis Fulling

Gestor Principal da Davinci Capital

Gestor Principal da Davinci Capital

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Oleg Jelezko

Parceiro-Gestor da Davinci Capital

Parceiro-Gestor da Davinci Capital

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Jacques Guers

Non-Executive Director, Advisor of the Chairman of the Board

Jacques has 38 years of experience with IT companies, having passedthrough the roles of companies’ President for different European countries,Western Europe as a region and Emerging Markets region that gave him a broadinternational and multicultural leadership experience.

At the moment Jacques is having a family business in Lille and Valenciennes in France related to motorbikes that he considers to be one of his biggest passions as he likes driving them for more than 50 years. Currently this business is run by his sons in terms of Finance, Sales, Services and Logistics that leaves him enough time to start his cooperation with Softline providing consulting services based on his exceptional experience.

Other hobbies or “passions” of Jacques are his big family with 5 children (3 sons and 2 daughters) and 1 grand-son, sports (rugby and running) and such exquisite hobbies as apiculture and growing oysters and shrimps that he enjoys a lot.

Another interesting fact from Jacques’s biography is that in 2007 he was bestowed the title «Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur» for his Contribution to the French Economy Development because (as member of MEDEF-French Business Confédération) he was significantly involved in many discussions and meeting with French government related to the ways how to improve economy’s attractiveness for foreign investments.

In his new role in Softline Jacques will focus on the following responsibilities:

  • Participation in the Board meetings.
  • Company’s quarterly results reviews.
  • Strategy deployments, approving strategic initiatives development and providing guidance to the Team in their further deployment.
  • M&A Deals participation and consulting related to them.
  • Support in building strategic relationship with Microsoft Leadership team of his region.
  • Participation in the mentorship program for key Axion Holding leaders.
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Alexander Galitsky

Co-founder and Managing Partner of Almaz Capital, an international venture fund

Alexander Galitsky is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Almaz Capital, an international venture fund with major office in Portola Valley, CA, as well as with offices and representative offices in Berlin (Germany), Kiev (Ukraine) and Moscow (Russia). The fund was backed in 2008 by Cisco Systems, EBRD and IFC. Among the most famous deals of Almaz Capital are Yandex (IPO NASDAQ), QIK (sold to Skype), Sensity Systems (sold to Verizon Communications) and others.

Alexander Galitsky is a well-known innovator, entrepreneur and investor in USA and Europe.

Alexander is the President of the South East Europe Tech Tour which will take place in Bucharest (Romania) and Sofia (Bulgaria) in May 2019, as well as the President of the 2018 East Europe Tech Tour, which took place in Warsaw (Poland) and Sofia (Bulgaria). He was honored numerous times as the most influential person in the Russian IT and Internet industry by Forbes, best GP of 2013 by Venture Awards, EY Entrepreneur of the Year in Russia in 2013. Alexander was nominated for the best venture capitalist of the last decade in Europe in 2012 by Investor AllStars and named "Technology Pioneer" at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2000.

Currently Sasha serves as a member of Board of Directors at the following international companies: CarPrice, Jelastic, Octonion/PIQ, Parallels, PetCube, StarWind, and as Institute Advisor in B612 Foundation.

Prior to Almaz Capital, Alexander made a series of private successful investments. His past and current investments include: NavMaps (sold to TeleAtlas), Start Telecom, Magnifire, SJLabs, PGP, Parallels, Acronis, EverNote among others.

Alexander founded five successful high-tech companies, ELVIS+, TrustWorks Systems (sold to Hamsard), EzWIM (sold to TMT Ventures), ELVIS Telecom (sold to Telenor) and NPC ELVIS, all of which he led as CEO.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Galitsky served as one of the top Technical Executive for the Soviet Space Agency and Defense Industry. He pioneered in Wi-Fi and Virtual Private Network technologies, as well as product development on the global market in partnership with Sun Microsystems. He has over 30 patents for numerous inventions.

Alexander is PhD in Computer Science and holds a Master's degree in physics.

Gerência executiva

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Sergey Tchernovolenko

Global CEO of Softline

Sergey Tchernovolenko nasceu em 1965. Terminou a faculdade  na Academia de Finanças sob o Governo da Federação Russa. Desde 1997 ele trabalha na indústria da TI (Tecnologia da Informação). Tem 25 anos de experiência em negócios, 20 anos dos quais é relacionada a TI. Trabalhou na área de desenvolvimento de negócios tanto em empresas russas quanto em internacionais. Adquiriu a experiência de 10 anos em vários países: durante 3 anos ocupou a posição de Diretor Geral da Xerox na Turquia, por 5 anos liderou negócios da Xeros nos 11 países da Europa Oriental com escritório central em Londres e 2 anos trabalhou no escritório central em Londres. Nos últimos 3 anos e meio ele liderou negócios da Xerox na Rússia e nos países da CEI (a Comunidade de Estados Independentes).

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Artem Tarakanov

Diretor Financeiro Global

Artem Tarakanov é Diretor Financeiro Global que está responsável pela gestão estratégica e operacional da função financeira da Softline. 

Artem concluiu com distinção a faculdade de economia da Universidade Estatal de Moscovo em nome do M.V. Lomonosov no ano 1997, tendo-lhe sido atribuído o grau do bacharel da economia na área de especialização: gestão financeira.  No ano 1999 recebeu o grau do Mestre em Ciências Económicas na área de especialização: contabilidade financeira, análise e auditoria da faculdade de Economia da Universidade Estatal de Moscovo em nome do M.V. Lomonosov. Tem grau internacional dos contabilistas profissionais ACCA a partir do ano 2003. No ano 2009 recebeu o grau do Mestre em Administração de Empresas da Universidade Duke (EUA).

Artem tem experiência de mais de 20 anos na área da administração financeira nas empresas grandes como (Daimler, Cadbury, Euro Chem, Walgreens Boots Alliance,) no mercado russo e internacional. Artem tem uma série de publicações na área da estratégia de aumento do valor da empresa. 

Interesses: astronomia, história, windserf, esqui-alpinismo.

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Elena Volotovskaya

Chief Investment Officer, Head of Softline Venture Partners

Investimentos VP e M&A

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Maxim Karamyshev

CEO Softline Eastern Europe and Central Asia

“I am responsible for the current operations and development of the company in Central Asia, Caucasian Region, and Eastern Europe. These regions have huge social and economic potential, and we are sure that the IT solutions that we offer are the key to unlocking it.”

Get to know Maxim

Maxim’s education was dedicated to economics and business management. In 2000, he graduated from the Saint Petersburg Trade and Economic Institute, receiving a degree in economics specializing in accounting and audit. In 2010, he graduated from the People’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) with honors, receiving an MBA degree in Business Management.

He started working in Softline in 2005, holding the position of the Business Development Director in the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. At that time, the company has already opened branches in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. The business relations of these countries with Russia, the understanding of local culture and economy allowed the company to successfully establish the branches and get a share on the local markets.

Under Maxim’s leadership, new branches were established in Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Georgia and Mongolia (2007), Armenia (2008), and Moldova (2010). After a while, an Eastern Europe region was created in Softline (Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania), so Romania was also added to the area of his responsibility. Scaling the global corporate expertise to new territories and relying on the best local employees and partners helped Maxim make Softline a leader of the local IT markets.

Today, Maxim is in charge of 11 branches located in countries with different cultures and business customs. In every region, the company strives to adapt its solution portfolio, knowledge, and expertise to the local background to become the top market player. Achievement of these goals would be impossible without Maxim’s deep market and technology knowledge and unrivalled business acumen.

Maksim’s hobbies are reading, music, table tennis, football.

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Roy Harding

Presidente da Softline International

Roy é um gerente sênior altamente qualificado e especialista em operações com mais de 30 anos de experiência em uma carreira diversificada e bem-sucedida na Xerox Ltd. Ele traz consigo uma presença transformadora com a capacidade de conceituar e implementar estratégias que levam a um aumento significativo no posicionamento da marca, crescimento e lucro.

Tendo criado uma carreira dinâmica e orientada para resultados, Roy é um profissional com grande experiência em Desenvolvimento de Negócios, Engajamento de Partes Interessadas, Gerenciamento de Transformação, Eficiência Organizacional, Processo de Vendas, Planejamento de Negócios, Operações e Estratégia, bem como Desenvolvimento de Liderança.

Durante sua carreira, ele trabalhou no Reino Unido, Oriente Médio e África, Europa Oriental, Brasil, México, América Latina, Rússia, Índia e Japão.

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Atul Ahjua

Vice President Asia

“Building Solid business is all about People with THEE Attitude and appropriate Aptitude, and rest is all managing those People. Even in the Everything Digital World, People continue to be at the core of successful businesses”

Get to know Atul

An accidental visit in 1993 to a IT institute, to be a Software Engineer is what got Atul to get hooked onto technology and from there on it was technology all the way. A veteran of 22 years plus, in the Asia Pacific market, based out of India, Atul in his current role is expanding the footprint of Softline Group in ASIA as he is responsible for developing new markets and growing the business in Softline’s ASIA businesses (India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia).

From doing startups, to setup new business units and developing markets for new technologies, his experiences with Microsoft Corporation, Citrix Systems, Tata Infotech has covered two decades plus of technology era and many shifts from Y2K, to Dot Com to Cloud & Mobility and the latest buzz word of “Digital”.

Atul, has been with Softline since October 2014, where he did the India startup to begin with and is now growing the business in ASIA region.

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Sergio Klarreich

Chief Technology Officer and Microsoft Alliance Vice President

Sergio is a 21 years IT and Telco Industries veteran, including a 14 years tenure at Microsoft, having worked in engineering, sales, consulting, and business development roles. He also has experience as an entrepreneur and Microsoft Azure startup founder.

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Evgeny Tkachenko

Global Alliances Director

Evgeny has chosen a career path in IT in his student years. His rich industry background originates in Bauman Technical University in Moscow where he earned а Master degree in Computing and Aerial Vehicle Flight Automation. Lated he continues studies at Radioelectronics and Automation Academy in Moscow where he Electronics Design and Development.

Evgeny Tkachenko works in different companies in IT industry over 15 years, 8 of them in Softline. After 5 years of career as a Corporate Sales Director he switched to International Business Development. He spent a year in India playing an important role of Softline’s operations launch in this country. Currently Evgeny heads Softline in the USA and is also responsible for global partner relations with world leaders in software, hardware and cloud computing.

Evgeny is married, has three children.

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Zoltan Meszaros

Vice President EE

Zoltan spent his entire professional life in IT sales and business development. He gained his IT experience mainly from Microsoft. His international business development experiences are from Telco and IT fields. Zoltan joined Softline in 2018 as General Manager for EE region (currently Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bulgaria).

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Eduardo Borba

Vice President Brazil

Eduardo is an experienced executive with more than 20 years of experience in IT companies. His track record shows consistent business focus, people development and strong network with main IT leaders and customers. Eduardo joined Softline in May, 2018 with the mission to extend the portfolio, mainly services offerings, and expand customer base, bringing fast growth on revenue and contribution margins.

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Erdal Ipek

Managing Director Turkey

Erdal is a very experienced and seasoned Softliner. He has been with the company for more than 10 years already and has always shown great commitment and loyalty for Softline. He started to work in Softline in 2008 as Sales Director. He was in charge of building the team of account managers and was responsible for Softline business development in Turkey as a whole. After working for three years in this field he was promoted to CEO at Softline Turkey.

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Sebastian Sack

Vice President LATAM

Sebastian has 20 years of experience in IT business. He was engaged in business development in many international companies. Before joining Softline, he had been working in such companies as Microsoft, HP and Pixel Solutions, where he achieved outstanding results. Sebastian has been working in Softline for more than 5 years and was appointed to the role of Vice President LATAM in September 2019.

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Andrew Morrison

Softline Vice President, Global Services, Solutions and Products

Since 2019, Andrew Morrison has been the Vice President of Softline Global Services responsible for building strategic relationships with vendors, providers, and partners.

Andrew graduated from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh with a Master’s degree in engineering. He has 20+ years’ experience in IT and BPO services, leading Global and International business development, portfolio management, sales and supply chain management. From 2009 to 2014 he held executive positions in Xerox Global Services based in the USA returning to Europe in 2014 to lead the European Services business for Xerox. More recently, he was Non-Executive Director for M4 Managed Services, a Cyber Security and Digital Transformation business, working primarily in the UK Public Sector.

Andrew is an expert in solution and service development together with implementation in large, mid-size, and small companies. He has extensive experience in Government, Financial, Manufacturing and Commercial sectors in Europe, USA and emerging markets having led numerous Global and International deployments and transformation projects.