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  • Softline Digital helps students of the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences master artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision

Softline Digital helps students of the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences master artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision

Softline Digital specialists conducted classes at the Higher School of Economics (HSE) during the academic year. The Faculty of Economic Sciences added a Data Mining course to the Master's program "Statistical Modeling and Actuarial Calculations". During this course, the students learned state-of-the-art technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision. A small part of the course was devoted to computer vision, but learning projects were focused on this technology.

“Inviting a partner like Softline Digital to the educational programs of the Faculty of Economic Sciences is essential for the development of project-oriented education. It is obvious that a leading market player can help students learn such professional skills that even the most highly qualified academic professor cannot give, — said Professor Sergei Pekarsky, Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of HSE. — First of all, this is the skill of setting and solving real, not educational tasks. Data analysis competencies are also crucial.” 

Under the guidance of the architects of Softline Digital, the undergraduates solved real business problems related to the control of special equipment at the construction site and the recognition of European car license plates. Some of the solutions conceived by the students were used by Softline Digital in actual business — they became part of the company's pilot projects.

“The idea of organizing joint project departments for collaboration between business and universities is promising for both parties. Companies attract promising interns, and the students write their theses based on the results of this work and gain experience that is very valuable in the labor market.

If a person wants to find their vocation in computer vision and other disruptive technology, then it makes sense to work on real-life projects instead of abstract tasks. The cases that we have proposed reflect actual business challenges. When applying for a job, students can show that they have not only knowledge but also practical skills, which will differentiate them from other candidates. Previously, the direction of artificial intelligence was not that popular. Now it is clear that students are motivated to develop in this area. It was their choice to take this course — and they passed it very well. Some of them have accomplished even more than we expected,” — notes Ivan Korsakov, software architect, Softline Digital.

Softline Digital plans to continue cooperation with the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences in the next academic year. Moreover, Softline Digital is now analyzing the possibility of creating a separate Softline AI department. “Recently, we have noticed a sharp increase in students' interest in Big Data courses, — said Vladimir Panov, academic director of the “Statistical Modeling and Actuarial Calculations” master's program. — Such courses should be based not only on academic science but also on practical case studies. We are very pleased that Softline, one of the leaders in the field of AI, has become our partner. The Data Mining course was a great success, and we look forward to furthering our cooperation."

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