Dear visitor,

Thank you for visiting the website. As of the 20th of October, 2022 Softline Holding plc is trading under the trademark of Noventiq — a digital transformation & cybersecurity solutions and services provider.

Please visit to find out more about Noventiq´s solutions and services, news, contacts, or any other information, including the section on information for investors. For the official page of Softline Holding plc on London Stock Exchange, including share information and official press releases, click here.

Softline Russia, which will focus on the Russian market, is now an independent company from Softline Holding plc. If you wish to connect with Softline Russia, please click here.

Please note that we are currently updating and restructuring our regional and local websites to reflect the new branding. Please note that the names of our legal entities remain unchanged for now. emails are operational for the time being, but please start updating your address books accordingly

The Noventiq team,